At a time when youth unemployment rates exceed 50%, HePIS implements programs that enhance young people's skills and bring them closer to the labor market.
Through the Getbusy youth portal and participation in international initiatives such as the GetOnline Week, the EU Code Week and the Hour of Code, HePIS promotes the information of young people about the prospects of the digital professions, programming and entrepreneurship, while organizing training programs and seminars to acquire digital skills and professional development of candidates.
Digital skills are key to boosting competitiveness, productivity and innovation, as well as the professionalism and employability of the workforce. Greece needs people with digital skills, whether they are simple technology users or professionals who design and implement digital infrastructures. A society with digital skills is therefore the cornerstone of a knowledge-based society. Through thousands of young people's Getbusy and Getcoding actions, thousands of young people have acquired digital skills by acquiring an important labor market resource.
HePIS is actively involved in shaping policies that promote IT at national and pan-European level for the development of the economy, the professional development of the workforce and the social integration of vulnerable social groups.
HePIS supports top-level conferences while constantly participating in surveys and proposing improvements to the IT industry. It also supports actions by other organizations and actors to educate and train young people.
At a time when technology has brought about significant changes in our lives, women are at a disadvantage with lower employment rates and fewer career opportunities. The goal of HePIS is to increase the representation of women in the ICT sector as well as to acquire digital skills to integrate them into the country's workforce.