Journey2Jobs is a new programme intended to boost youth employability, which aims to create a stable and well-paid work in the subject of Programming for every participant, that will keep pace with his interests, abilities and desires. The program is open to 50 participants and includes an intensive 200-hour training in Programming and Personal Skills. In order to develop the training programme and for it to be based upon the real needs of the Greek market, more than 100 companies have been contacted regarding the profile of their employees and their expertise in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The Journey2Jobs programme provides training for participants at no cost and is being implemented with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Aim of the Programme

  • Qualified training of 50 candidates
  • 200-hour training
    • 160 hours in programming based on modern labor market needs
    • 25 hours of preparation for recruitment (eg CV, preparation for interview, etc.)
    • 20 hours of coaching
  • Recruiting 60%+ candidates in programming-related positions

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Whom is it addressed to: out-of-job candidates, 20-40 years of age, graduates of Science Schools.

Application: A team of qualified professionals in the field of career guidance, empowerment of staff and professional profiles, and the development of specialized digital skills necessary in the market, will work in the first annual cycle of the program with a team of 50 young people. The aim is to create stable employment that is in alignment with their interests, abilities and desires. The selection and formation of the team will take place through a combination of personal interviews, tests and other tools that evaluate skills, motivation, personality, interests.

Travel2jobs provides 200 hours of training in specialized programming, personal skills needed by the job market as well as life and business coaching. The overall programme is implemented through a combination of group sessions and e-learning.